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Hermay Labs Corporation

Canadian CRO provides medicinal chemistry and synthetic chemistry services

Hermay Labs Corporation is a Canadian CRO that provides medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis (building blocks, final compounds, reference compounds, etc) services with high quality, quick delivery, and reasonable prices.  

We also provide computer aided drug design and modeling, docking, and “in silico” predicting ADME, toxicity, and PK.  

Do you have any project that we can help? May I schedule a 30 minutes Zoom meeting with in the coming days? 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you,  

John Yao  


Hermay Labs Corporation

Tel. 780-710-3213



John Yao

Service Provider:

USA Europe Japan China Other areas Discovery

Demand Type:

Looking for biotech/pharma


November 8, 2024

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