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Overland Pharmaceuticals

Immune Cell Therapy _ Scientist/Senior Scientist

Overland Pharmaceuticals is seeking a highly motivated Research Scientist to join its Immune Cell Therapy research team. The successful candidate will play an important role in shaping enjoyable company culture and in developing cutting-edge life-saving cell therapies. Overland Pharmaceuticals will offer boundless opportunities, supportive environment, competitive compensation and comprehensive benefits.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Serve as internal immunology expert to develop allogeneic immune cell therapies.
  2. Develop flow assays for phenotypic analysis of iPSC-derived NK and T cells.
  3. Develop target cell killing assays for functional analysis of iPSC-derived NK and T cells.
  4. Develop benchmark assays using primary NK and T cells.
  5. Develop reagents and assays to support CAR binder generation and characterization.
  6. Maintain organized, detailed records to support internal documentation and regulatory requirements.
  7. Manage lab operations, such as equipment maintenance and ordering of consumables.

Skills and Competencies

  1. Must have hands-on experience with human immune cell isolation, phenotypic and functional analysis.
  2. Experience with immune cells ex vivo activation, viral transduction and expansion is required.
  3. Ex vivo T or NK cell activity analysis is required. Experience with Incucyte is preferred.
  4. Experience in ELISA or similar assays to measure cytokines is required.
  5. Experience with CAR-NK or CAR-T In vivo efficacy models using NSG mice is preferred.
  6. Knowledge and experience with allogeneic CAR-NK or CAR-T is preferred.
  7. Knowledge and experience with gamma-delta T cells is desirable.
  8. Proficiency in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting multi-color flow experiments is required.
  9. Able to work independently as well as in a team with diverse background is required.
  10. Able to collect, analyze and present data to the research and management teams.
  11. Strong written and verbal communication skills. CAR-NK or CAR-T related publication is preferred.
  12. A can-do attitude and an ability to adapt to evolving priorities. Able to travel when needed.

Educational Requirement

  1. PhD in Immunology, Bioengineering, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, or related fields. Title and compensation commensurate with skills, achievements, experience and education.


November 29, 2023


United States

International Employee

Sponsor H1b

Sponsor O1

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South San Francisco, CA

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Nov. 12th, 2022

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