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Technical Sales Manager

Technical Sales Representative:

NVIGEN Inc. is a nanobiotech dedicated to developing the best nanoparticles for biomedical research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. NVIGEN’s magnetic nanoparticle products offer unique advantages for applications such as circulating tumor cell isolation, cfDNA extraction, DNA size selection, sequence specific DNA capture, protein capture and immunodiagnostic assays, and T-cell activation and expansion. NVIGEN technology delivers solutions to unmet medical need in personalized medicine. Current efforts include building a comprehensive circulating marker testing platform to enable better detection of minimal residual disease (MRD), better drug selection and monitoring, and earlier detection of resistance and metastasis. Such comprehensive yet actionable molecular and cellular information can then be utilized to integrate personalized treatment options with NVIGEN proprietary nanomedicine engineering platform for more effective therapy.

At NVIGEN, we value an environment that fosters innovation, teamwork, intellectual growth, and entrepreneurship.

For the technical sales representative, we are looking for similar minded people with the following characteristics:

1. Technical expertise: The candidate should have a strong technical background in biotechnology and biopharma industries, and are knowledgeable about the latest trends and emerging technologies.

2. Sales skills: The candidate should have excellent sales skills and are able to build strong relationships with customers. The candidate should understand the importance of identifying customer needs, presenting solutions, and closing deals.

3. Effective communication: The candidate is a skilled communicator and can effectively convey complex technical information to customers. He/She is able to listen actively and respond to customer questions and concerns in a professional and persuasive manner.

4. Strong work ethic: The candidate should have a strong work ethic and be willing to put in the time and effort necessary to achieve their sales goals. He/She will be self-motivated and proactive in seeking out new opportunities and following up with existing customers.

5. Adaptability: The candidate should be adaptable and be able to adjust his/her approach to meet the need of different customers. He/She should understand that every customer is unique and may require a different sales strategy.

6. Creativity: The candidate should be a creative problem solver and can think out of the box to find solutions to customer challenges. He/She should be able to anticipate customer needs and offer innovative solutions that meet those needs.

7. Results-driven: The candidate should be results-driven and focused on achieving their sales goals. He/She should be able to manage numerous requests concurrently and strategically and prioritizing when necessary to maximize the sales productivity.

8. Enthusiastic and persistent: The candidate should be enthusiastic, persistent, and creative, able to exceed revenue targets and help guide technological and business development decision makings.

This position offers competitive compensation and benefits, flexible work arrangement, and provides ample opportunities for growth and development. Interested candidates please submit resume to

Weiwei Gu


May 31, 2024



International Employee

Sponsor H1b

Sponsor O1

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3671 Enochs Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051

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