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IntelliPro Group

CSO (Chief Science Officer)

基本信息职位 CSO (Chief Science Officer)

部门 Discovery Research

子部门级别 CXO


上级 Reports to CEO

下属 People Manager

地点 US


Main ResponsibilitiesLead the RNAi/siRNA research and development for the company. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s scientific endeavors, including developing new RNAi/siRNA products, conducting research, and developing new tissue delivery technology, etc.Responsibilities1. Take the lead on the company’s strategy forming and planning activities with company’s top leadershipteam, such as identifying new research opportunities, assessing potential business developmentopportunities, assessing commercial aspects of research, and developing the long-term research anddiscovery plans.2. Drive and lead in-depth and leading-edge research that has organizational-wide impact.3. Steer the development of therapeutic RNAi/siRNA products with new tissue delivery technology of thecompany. Lead cross functional collaboration on internal oligonucleotide discovery programs includingbioinformatics, molecular design and validation, biological tests, etc. Establish the bio-functionalplatforms to support in vitro and in vivo evaluation of siRNA therapeutics.4. Establish the scientific organization for the company, and evaluate and recruit qualified scientists. Buildthe full research capabilities and operations for the company. Make the company’s research organizationas one of the leading RNAi/siRNA organizations in the industry.5. Develop research proposals, budget, and timeline for new discovery programs. Ensure that the discoveryprograms are completed on time and within the budget based on the company strategy.6. Review scientific publications, conduct research studies, and develop new technologies to advance thecompany’s technology in the RNAi/siRNA field.7. Establish alliances with other organizations that have similar research interests or goals. Communicatescientific findings to the public and other scientists in different forums, such as through published researchpapers or presentations at scientific conferences.


任职要求 Mandatory Qualifications• Doctoral degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) in a relevant field and be a recognized expert and accomplishedscientific leader with 20+ years’ experience in the field.• Scientific experience with RNAi/SiRNA, GalNac technology highly preferred.• Solid experience served as a strategic role with strategic and enterprise level of thinking.• Strong sense of urgency and ownership, result oriented, high commitment to the company goal.• Strong capability to build effective working relationships throughout the organization internally andexternally to achieve goals.• Balanced scientific and business approach.• Strong capability building and developing science organization from scratch.• Open mind, agile, excellent collaboration skills.• Flexibility and willingness to solve problems that fall outside of immediate area of expertise.

附加任职要求 Additional Qualifications• Chinese speaking highly preferred though not a must


Steven Zhao


December 30, 2023


United States

International Employee

Sponsor H1b

Sponsor O1

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