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Overland Pharmaceuticals

Antibody & CAR Binder Discovery _ Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist/Associate Director

Our Company
Founded in 2020, Overland Pharmaceuticals is establishing a leading cross-border platform company focused on advanced modalities through strategic partnering and in-house R&D. Seeded by Hillhouse Capital with access to the global innovation and biopharma ecosystem, Overland is building an initial oncology portfolio of first-in-class allogeneic cell therapies and ADC programs through strategic partnerships with Allogene and ADC Therapeutics. In particular, Overland is establishing GMP manufacturing facilities and expanding our cell therapy platform to focus on next-generation iPSC-based cell therapies to serve global patients.

We are seeking a highly motivated senior scientist/ principal scientist/Associated Director to join our research team. The successful candidate will play a key role in building an industry-leading immuno-therapeutics platform to develop lifesaving off the shelf therapeutics. Overland Pharmaceuticals offers boundless opportunities, supportive environment, competitive compensation, and comprehensive benefits.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Drive the generation of high-quality biologics to advance the cell therapeutics pipeline by leading as well as independently performing antibody discovery campaigns using in vitro antibody discovery and optimization techniques.
  2. Apply multiple cutting-edge selection techniques to synthetic and immune antibody libraries, like phage display, yeast display, FACS sorting, plate-based screening.
  3. Use automation to support antibody production, purification, and screening.
  4. Sub-clone hits into expression vectors and produces them at micro-scale in a high-throughput manner.
  5. Characterize binders’ properties in various affinity and activity assays.
  6. Engineer and improve binders by means of affinity maturation and/or humanization.
  7. Independently generate hypotheses, troubleshoot issues, design and execute experiments.
  8. Supervise CRO activities.
  9. Document the results in a detailed manner in Laboratory journal and in internal Databases.
  10. Present research updates and participate constructively in working project teams and at laboratory group meetings.
  11. Support business development scientific due diligence as subject matter expert.

Skills and Competencies

  1. At least 5+ years of experience in antibody discovery technologies, experience with binder discovery and CAR design for cell therapy is preferred.
  2. Knowledge in molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, affinity, and activity assays.
  3. Experience in antibody discovery through naive or immune library panning as well as engineering.
  4. Experience in mammalian and bacterial protein production encompassing expression and purification.
  5. Experience in flow cytometry and lab automation.
  6. Experience in bispecific antibody or immune cell engager design and discovery is preferred.
  7. Knowledge in NGS methodologies.
  8. Familiarity with structural bioinformatics.
  9. Experience in working effectively in matrix environment and collaboration with different functional areas.
  10. Familiarity with structure/function relationship and structural interpretation.
  11. Experience in project management/leadership.

Educational Requirement

  1. PhD/MS/MEng in Cell Biology, Bioengineering, Immunology or related field. Title and compensation commensurate with skills, achievements, experience and education.


November 11, 2022


United States

International Employee

Sponsor H1b

Sponsor O1

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Boston or San Francisco Bay area

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Nov. 12th, 2022

BioPacific Conf.

The BioPacific Conference is the annual flagship event of the CABS. Our mission is to bring scientists, executives, and bio-pharmaceutical professionals from the Pacific Rim countries together to discuss the latest advances in the world of life sciences, the unprecedented challenges and promises facing the industry, and the breath-taking developments and opportunities in Asia/Pacific countries

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