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Pharmaron (US) Clinical Services

Clinical Data Coordinator


Data Management



1. Responsible for ensuring the completeness, quality and integrity of the Clinical Trial data.

2. Ensure data quality and consistency according to applicable regulatory requirements, standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes and data standards.

3. Ensure all data management activities to be compliance with GCP, relevant regulatory requirements and SOP/WI (work instructions) of Pharmaron Clinical and/or Sponsor.

4. Ensure acknowledge, follow and to be consistent with Pharmaron Clinical policies and procedures.

5. Hands-on data management responsibilities but not limited to include:

• CRF collections, maintenance and tracking.

• User acceptance testing (UAT) for database.

• Perform data cleaning activities including discrepancy management (review of errors from electronic checks) and manual review (review of data listings to verify quality and completeness of data).

• Create the relevant documentations/files as assigned, e.g., UAT Plan and CRF Completion Guidelines, etc.

• Run Reports as instructed by Lead Data Manager.

• Conduct Third Party Reconciliation as instructed by Lead Data Manager.

• Interact and collaborate with other project and specialty team members including clinical, programming, statistics, database manager, medical coder, etc.



1. Bachelor Degrees or above in life/medical science, mathematics or related field.

2. Good oral and written communication.

3. Knowledge of Windows Environment and its applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc.).

4. Strong ability to analyze and learn.

5. High degree of enthusiasm and a strong sense of responsibility.

6. Adapt to work with highly-accurate, highly-attention of details, and strict quality control.


October 23, 2023


United States

International Employee

Sponsor H1b

Sponsor O1

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